We are sure that this section will grow the longer we trade online, but for now...

Q: I want to run DDC but I am confused by the terms involved could you please explain the options?

A: Well Locos advertised as DCC Ready hold a socket, but require a decoder. Whilst DCC Fitted/DCC On Board & Digital Sound - DCC Fitted/ DCC Sound are locos that have DCC ready to run. All other loco's unless stated are DC Analog controlled Locos.

Q: Are the items on you website all available now?

A: Yes all items are available now and should you try to purchase an item that has gone out of stock during a purchase process, your purchase will cease and you will be unable to conclude the purchase of that item.

Q: Are all items New? 

A: Yes unless specifically said otherwise all items are new, as released, but may have been in the catacombs so long they are now rare and hard to find elsewhere.